Tiny Tots Classes:  Ages 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 (potty trained)

This 45 minute class is excellent for your toddler. Your child has the opportunity to be in a supervised classroom situation and learn songs, movements to music and other fun activities to enhance their coordination, rhythm, flexibility and motor skills. Very basic tumbling is included. No shoe requirements--white tennis shoes are fine.

Creative Movement 1, 2, & 3:  Ages 3 1/2 - 6 1/2

These 45 minute classes are fun and exciting for the younger students!  They are grouped by age/birthdate.

CM 1 Ages 3-1/2 thru 4-1/2 offers basic tap steps and a tap dance, pre-jazz dance & movement, pre-ballet and a ballet dance and other fun activities!

CM 2 Ages 4-1/2 thru 5-1/2 offers basic tap steps and a tap dance, jazz steps and a jazz dance, some basic ballet and other fun activities!

CM 3 Ages 5-1/2 thru 6-1/2 offers tap steps and a tap dance, jazz steps and a jazz dance and other fun activities!
DANCE CLASSES:  Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop & Lyrical Ages 6 1/2 thru adult

Dance Classes -Tap & Jazz: Ages 6 1/2 thru 19
These 45 minute classes include both tap and jazz technique. Dances and combinations will be learned in both tap and jazz. The students will also learn stretches and steps across the floor. There is no tumbling involved. This is a great all around dance class.

Jazz Technique Only:  Ages 6 1/2 thru 19
This 45 minute class includes various jazz styles, methods and techniques. Students learn stretches, combinations, basic turns and steps across the floor.
Tap Technique Only:  Ages 13 thru 19
This 30 - 60 minute class requires previous tap experience (in one of our combination Dance Classes) and covers many different styles and techniques. The students will learn combinations and steps across the floor.  Prerequisite:  Minimum of at least 1 year of tap class.
Hip Hop:  Ages 6 1/2 thru 19
These are 30 minute classes where you learn the newest dance moves. Various styles, methods, and techniques are taught. This is a very popular class for all ages. Must be 6 yrs old and have completed Creative Movement 3 or enrolled concurrently in Creative Movement 3.

Lyrical: 2nd grade and up
This 30 minute class requires previous lyrical and/or ballet technique classes. The students will learn combinations and lyrical technique.
Adult/Child Classes:  4th grade through adult

These 30-60 minute classes are a fun way to learn and spend time with your child. We offer an Adult/Child Tap class (7th >) and a Father/Daughter Jazz class (4th >). Daughters must have at least one year of dance training.

Family Dance Class:  Children 1st - 7th grade...Adults ANY age!

This 30 minute class will begin in January and will be in recital!  Bring your moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles and have some fun!  This dance will be in the recital but there will be no special shoe requirements.  "Family" t-shirts will be worn. 

Adult Only Classes

These are 30 - 60 minute classes that are taught to adults only. Tap and Jazz/Hip Hop classes are offered (with enrollment of a minimum of 6 students).  A dads only class is also offered.  These classes are fun and great exercise too! Sign up today!  Sorry, but we do not currently offer ballroom, swing dancing or couples dance instruction.

Private Lessons:  Ages 8 and up

Various forms of dance are available. 1 - 3 people per 1/2 hour private and 1 - 5 people per hour long private. Cost dependent on lesson duration. Additional information is available upon request.

Note:  Shoe requirements will be posted at "Heavenly Yours Dancewear" which is located in our building on the 2nd floor.