Welcome to S&R Dance Studio! 

For class information or questions, please e-mail us at sandrdance@yahoo.com or call the studio at 815-233-4838.  Studio office hours are Monday-Thursday 4:30-7:15 and Saturday 9-2.

S&R DANCE RECITALS:  MAY 16 & 18 @ 6:30 pm at the Freeport Masonic Temple
S&R COMPETITIVE DANCE CONCERT:  MAY 17 @ 6:30 pm at the Freeport Masonic Temple

Tickets go on sale at the studio on Thursday, April 17 from 5 - 6 pm for the May 17 show only and on Friday, April 18 from 4 - 7 for ALL shows.  Tickets will continue to be available at the studio during regular office hours until recital week at which time they will be available during recital rehearsals at the Masonic Temple.


FOR Recital Rehearsal Information and Recital times see below.
S&R would like to say congratulations to all of our former alumni, many of which have started their dance careers and families of their own.  We are so proud of you!
S&R dance studio is owned and operated by Nikki Spinden-Meagher. S&R was started under the original name Sunshine and Rainbows by Mary Berryhill in 1983. Nikki became the competitive director of S&R in 2001 and Mary handed over the reins to Nikki in August of 2007. Mary continues to teach at the studio today.

S&R offers classes from ages 2 ½ through adult. S&R has an outstanding recreational dance program offering classes in tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, parent/child, daddy/daughter and adult only classes. S&R’s competitive program is nationally renowned, winning hundreds of overall score, choreography and title awards every dance season.

Our mission at S&R is to not only provide a fun, safe learning environment in a family-friendly atmosphere for ages 2 ½ - adults, but to teach others to believe in themselves while enjoying quality instruction. I love the saying on a plaque that was given to me from a former student: "A true dance teacher does not merely teach the body to move with music, but teaches the soul to dance with life".

Why choose S&R... or for that matter, why choose dance at all?
*Learn Discipline and Respect
*Learn to work as a team
*S&R's staff has a combined teaching experience of over 75 years
*Small student to teacher ratio
*Work in a very family oriented and friendly enviornment
*Improve core strength, balance and flexibility
*S&R offers classes from ages 2 1/2-80+
*Opportunity to dance for fun or train for a serious career

Make up for Monday, 1/27
MONDAY, May 12th during Recital week
***All classes will be held as normal at normal times
Make up for Tuesday, 1/28
Chris's classes:  TUESDAY, May 13th during Recital week.  ALTERED CLASS TIMES BELOW:
4-4:45:  Tiny Tot
4:45-5:30:  CM 1
5:30-6:15:  CM 2
6:15-7:00:  CM 3
Janelle's classes:  THURSDAY, May 15th during Recital week
***All classes will be held as normal at normal times
Thanks everyone for understanding!!  It’s been a LONG winter!!

                                                2014 REHEARSAL TIMES AND RECITALS
Tuesday, May 13 3:00-4:00 Tuesday Graduating Seniors Sun    
Tuesday, May 13 4:00-4:30 CM3 Wed Sun    
Tuesday, May 13 4:30-5:00 Mini Tap Team * Juniorette Tap Team *
Tuesday, May 13 5:00-5:30 Mini Jazz  Team * Juniorette Jazz Team *
Tuesday, May 13 5:30-6:00 Older Dance Wed 6:30 Sun 7-HS Jazz Tech Tues 5:15 Sun
Tuesday, May 13 6:00-6:30 Parent/Child Jazz Mon Fri & Sun Lyrical Tues 6:30 Sun
Tuesday, May 13 6:30-7:00 Father/Daughter All 7-HS Hip Hop Tues 6:00 Sun
Tuesday, May 13 7:00-7:30 Dads All Parent/Child Tap Wed Fri & Sun
Tuesday, May 13 7:30-8:00 Dads All Adult Tap Fri & Sun
Wednesday, May 14 3:00-4:00 Competitive Graduating Seniors Sat    
Wednesday, May 14 4:00-4:30 Junior Hip Hop Team * Junior Jazz Team *
Wednesday, May 14 4:30-5:00 Teen SG Jazz 1 Team * Junior Lyrical Team *
Wednesday, May 14 5:00-5:30 Junior Tap Team * Senior Hip Hop  Team *
Wednesday, May 14 5:30-6:00 All Company Production Team * Production Jazz Team *
Wednesday, May 14 6:00-6:30 Seniorette Tap Team * Teen Hip Hop Team *
Wednesday, May 14 6:30-7:00 Senior SG Lyrical 3 Team * Teen SG Lyrical 1 Team *
Wednesday, May 14 7:00-7:30 Senior Tap Team * Seniorette Lyrical Team *
Wednesday, May 14 7:30-8:00 Seniorette Jazz Team * Senior Jazz Team *
Wednesday, May 14 8:00-8:30 Production Lyrical Team * Teen SG Jazz 2 Team *
Wednesday, May 14 8:30-9:00 Teen SG Lyrical 2 Team * Contemporary Team *
Wednesday, May 14 9:00-9:30 Senior Lyrical Team * Senior SG Lyrical 1 Team *
Wednesday, May 14 9:30-10:00 Senior SG Jazz 1 Team * Senior SG Jazz 2 Team *
Wednesday, May 14 10:00-10:30 Senior SG Lyrical 2 Team * Senior SG Jazz 3 Team *
Thursday, May 15 4:00-4:30 Tiny Tots Mon 4:15 Fri    
Thursday, May 15 4:30-5:00 CM1 Mon 5:00 Fri CM2 Mon 5:45 Fri
Thursday, May 15 5:00-5:30 Dance 4 Mon 4:30 Fri CM3 Mon 6:30 Fri
Thursday, May 15 5:30-6:00 CM1 Tues 5:15 Sun 1st-2nd Hip Hop Mon 5:15 Fri
Thursday, May 15 6:00-6:30 Tiny Tots Tues 4:30 Sun    
Thursday, May 15 6:30-7:00 CM 2 Tues 6:00 Sun 5th-6th hip Hop Mon 6:15 Fri
Thursday, May 15 7:00-7:30 Jazz Tech Mon 5:30 Fri CM2 Tues 6:45 Sun
Thursday, May 15 7:30-8:00 Dance 3 Mon 5:45 Fri 2nd-3rd Hip Hop Mon 4:30 Fri
Thursday, May 15 8:00-8:30 Dance 5 Mon 6:45 Sun 3rd-4th Hip Hop Mon 5:00 Fri
Friday, May 16 4:00 Specialty Lyrical Team *    
Friday, May 16 6:30 RECITAL *    
Saturday, May 17 2:30 Competitive Runthroughs *      * Competitive dancers  
Saturday, May 17 3:45 Competitive Awards *          are in all 3 shows  
Saturday, May 17 6:30 COMPETITIVE CONCERT *    
Sunday, May 18 6:30 RECITAL *